Top New INSTAGRAM REELS Tips, & Tricks [2022]

guys, you may want to whip out your phones because I got some brand new tips and tricks for your Instagram reels like sound effects, templates, super syncing, visual replies, and a bunch more.

You guys just have to try so let’s get into it now let me show you a new type of filter that is quite hidden. Then, you start a new reel and take a video or add a video from your gallery like this one for example and then go to the next step.

Where you can start adding effects here is where we can add a new type of filter by clicking on that music icon and then clicking the edit button.

Now,  you can put on different voice filters.  there are five different ones to choose from and they’re cool plus make your reel stand out is this a cell phone for ants have a look at my golden egg that’s not who’s there are you ready because it’s game time? you can use these for jokes memes characters remixes and a bunch of different things and there’s a lot more coming.

So,  Instagram has finally implemented the most awesome feature and that is sound effects. you’ll be so amazed at just how much a simple sound effect can make on any video and luckily. they’ve made it easy to add so once you’ve gone into your gallery and collected. whatever, footage it is you’d like to add to your reel just click the next icon and remember.

if you’re not happy with the order of things or length you can just click on edit clips and shuffle things around or trim the length of each clip so once you’re happy with your reel once again. if you click on that music icon in the bottom right you will now see sound effects. these are all the various sound effects.

you can use it on your reels and at the bottom, you can use the playhead to scrub through your video and add those sound effects at the perfect time.  you can also separately adjust the audio of all of them and just like that, you can stitch a whole bunch of sound effects together to create different creative reels.

I mean this is so damn cool so Instagram has made it a lot easier for us to copy others when you go to create a new reel you might see this little template option. If,  you don’t see that yet don’t worry it’s either coming for you soon or you just need to run an update. But,  these are a bunch of different reels other people have created.

you can use the same template and the same audio all you need to do is put in your clips oh what you look at there automatically it’ll sync all the pictures you chose as well as the audio in the template to create a really quick reel. you can also find templates by scrolling through reels. if, you see this icon just tap on it but here’s another little nifty tip. if you follow this account reels tutorials. you’ll find this account that gives you perfectly timed templates for the most trending songs so now you can copy the most viral reels and recreate them yourself which is so useful okay?

Now, I don’t know if you guys have seen these cool transitions. But,  if you haven’t check this out when you go to your Instagram page and create a new reel right near the record button. you’ll see this little star icon here all you need to do is click on the search icon then type in transitions and instantly you’ll see these three types of transitions that are made by Instagram so once. 

If you’ve selected one you will see instructions on the screen on what to do. I’m not gonna lie these transitions are legit and just by using your head. you can control the direction of each of these transitions you can then record and then merge different clips making your edits pretty seamless but also by tapping on the effect. you can view the effects page which shows you all the different ways other people have used the same transitions but let’s transition into something even better Instagram has given people more reasons to comment on your reels because of this one banging feature and here.

it is if someone comments on your wheel and you click that reply button. you will now see this blue camera icon on the left-hand side and if you tap on it it takes that comment and creates a sticker on a new reel so then.  what you can do is go choose existing footage or record new footage and essentially. what you are doing is responding to that comment with a brand new reel so if anyone ever asks you a question like I don’t know is that a teeny tiny phone?

you can just respond with the real and jazz setup using text stickers and even music this feature is honestly. so awesome because the more people see you responding to comments with reels the more they’re going to want to comment on your existing reels. Now,  if you go back to the comment section you will see that your reply has been linked to that comment and of course, the reel is also on your main profile pretty unreal. we all know you can change stories into highlights. But,  did you know you can change highlights into reels?

 it is so easy and all you need to do is head on over to the highlight you want to create a reel out of so I had this one about my lego obsession. But,  if you click on that icon right at the bottom. you will see convert to real once you tap on that it’ll then give you a bunch of music options to choose from so, of course, go ahead and find the one you like and then it’ll take you to the final real editor. 

where you can add a bunch of other things but once you click share and go to your profile under the real section. you’ll see your highlight has now been converted into a real okay so most of you know. you can call your friends through Instagram right well now there’s a brand new feature. that you can use while chatting with them so let’s just say you’ve got your phone and your friend has their phone of course. Well,  what you do is you go to the message section find your friend and then make a video or audio call they’ll then get a notification that you’re calling.

they can answer the call and join all that jazz but here is where you get the cool feature on your phone. you will see this media icon and if you tap on that you’ll see a bunch of media as well as reels but as soon as you tap on one it’ll instantly share that reel with your friend. now you can both have a shared experience and watch reels together on top of that the crazy thing is you can still navigate Instagram while on that call with your friend while viewing reels it’ll just stay in this little pop-up window on the top right-hand side. 

 when you’re finished viewing the rest of Instagram you can just click on the pop-up window to go back into the call finally. you can add multiple people and anytime anyone scrolls it’ll change on every single person’s phone I just love this one then as you guys know audio plays a massive role when trying to make your Instagram reels pop so in the search section if you just type in the lyrics of a song and click on that audio tab song with those lyrics or titles will appear.

 you can easily tap on it to see what other people have done with that audio or click on that camera icon and use the audio yourself then another super nifty tip for saving your favorite songs is just swiping left on them and clicking that little save icon and then anytime in future. when creating a reel you can just click on this saved button and quickly choose from any one of those favorite songs. that you saved on top of all of that you can even import your audio so if you click the music icon and tap imports once you select a video and click done.

 it’ll only take the audio from that and tell you how long you have to record with it Instagram has included this brand new feature as well but it’s pretty well hidden so in reality if you open up the gallery and click on this little icon. you can select multiple video clips or pictures but then once you click next instantly. you will see a bunch of the most trending songs at the moment to choose from or you can click on the search icon go and find whatever song. it is what you want for your reel but then once you’ve selected the song what Instagram does is automatic splices all your videos and pictures to the beat of that song then on to some of my favorite quick tips. did you know you can change the cover of any reel if you click on those three little dots and tap the edit button here?

you’ll be able to click on the cover and change the cover. it is that simple and whether you want to choose a thumbnail from the video or add one from your camera roll. you decide and when you’re happy click the done button and you officially have an updated reel cover then this has been available for a while but in case. you didn’t know you can record hands-free by just adding a 3-second or 10-second countdown timer you can also scrub and adjust how long you want the camera to record for and once. you click that button jump in front of the cam and start recording as soon as the time limit has been reached.

 it’ll stop recording and you can go again then annoyingly not all of us have the caption option so a workaround is if you click on effects and type in bubble captions. you can just select this effect and then once you’ve finished recording your video it’ll automatically populate with captions like this so easy then another cool thing is you can also get 90-second wheels now and I’ve already got the features so look out for that but if you want some more tips and tricks on Instagram reels. then definitely check these because there’s a heck of a lot of cool stuff you can learn but I will see you guys in the next one toodles.

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