Oh my goodness the apple ecosystem is just nuts. I have some of the coolest apple features to show you in this article along with some gift cards. So, stay till the end for that but take a look at this massive feature everyone should know by now airdrop. so if you have a picture or file on your phone for example and click that airdrop icon you can select any one of your other apple devices and instantly transfer it to that device this is not limited to just your iPhone you can transfer files from your MacBook or iMac to your iPad and vice versa.

the crazy thing is just how quick and responsive an airdrop is within a matter of seconds. you can transfer the same file across all of your apple products. so,  that is one of my favorite apple features and we’re just getting started. oh,  now this one is particularly helpful especially. when typing out an email maybe a paragraph or a link. whatever it may be if you want to take that text and copy.  it to your computer without having to rewrite it what you can do is simply select the text and click the copy button then on your computer.  

wherever it is you want to paste the text just go ahead and open it up like a note, for example, click paste, and automatically,  that text is now on your pc so you do need to quickly make sure that handoff is enabled on your device. but,  once you do you can pretty much copy and paste text from most of your apple products. 

okay now,  let’s step it up a little bit what if you need to sign an important document add a sketch, or take a picture on your mac it’s ridiculously simple thanks to this ecosystem. all,  you do is right-click on your desktop import from your iPhone and say add a sketch straight away your phone will open up this sketch section. you can draw a smiley face your signature or anything. it is you want to click done and in seconds. it is on your desktop the epic thing is you can use your iPad or iPhone to add sketches pictures or even scan documents. 

now, we have got to talk about casting because most people have no idea that you can cast your iPhone to your MacBook or iMac once again with this ecosystem. it happens within a matter of seconds and anything displayed on your phone will now display on your MacBook. you can do the same with your iPad and it’s as simple as swiping down on the control center clicking on screen mirroring and selecting your MacBook I love casting to a bigger screen.

when drawing on procreate because it’s just so much easier to see and to make. it’s even better if you can cast your max screen to your apple tv move things around and do. whatever, it is you want on a much bigger screen. which is super useful okay now here’s a really good one and it’s called handoff so let’s just say on your iPhone. you opened up notes and started typing something out but wanted to finish that note or continue with it on your MacBook well with the handoff feature that is all possible as soon as you open the same application.

you are using on your iPhone you’ll see everything it is that you typed out from there. you can even open up your iPad and once again everything will automatically populate. so, you can just pick up where you left off from any of your apple devices and this does not just note. it’s even draft emails phone calls photos and even music too so if you’re listening to Spotify and tap your phone on a homepod. it’ll automatically hand off the music and all of this is working super fast over iCloud and by the way.

now, this is where some minds will be blown universal control has got to be one of the craziest cool features. when it comes to this ecosystem and let me show you why if you have a picture or file on your main desktop you can select that image then drag it straight onto your iPad and drop it. it’s in photos if you decide you then want those pictures on your MacBook you can do the same thing automatically.

they’re there in seconds like magic so essentially. what’s happening is all your devices are connected but you’re using one mouse and keyboard to control all of them. you can move files so easily I mean this is just getting kind of crazy right next level but there is a little bit of setup all. All you have to do under system preferences is click display then advanced and make sure to toggle on this top option click the done button and then under add display towards the bottom left. 

you’ll see any of your compatible devices appear to select them then move the screens around to suit you and finally, universal control is pretty much hooked up and you’re good to go. so find I am another epic ecosystem feature. what you maybe didn’t know is you can use most of your apple devices to find any of your apple devices. so, what happens if you lose your phone for example or even some of your other stuff well what’s so cool with apple is every single product is synced and connected. so, I could use my apple watch to find my iPhone or my mac to find my iPad, or even my iPad to find my earpods. 

so, the fact that everything is so well hooked into that ecosystem makes. is it so much easier keeping an eye on all my stuff now that is some apple ecosystem magic okay? so, did you know if you swipe down on the control center and click that remote icon? you can control your apple tv using your iPhone the ridiculous thing is you can do the same thing with your iPad. So, if you’ve ever lost your apple tv remote do not stress then this is a cool kind of sneaky one but if you have your earpods and swipe down once again on the control center then click on this gear icon and toggle on live listen.

you can place your phone in any way and hear the audio coming from the phone’s mic through your AirPods. if you have an apple watch you can control your phone’s camera or through the watch without ever having touched your phone which is great for group pictures and just so nifty. now, I don’t know about you guys but setting up your brand new iPhone to be just like your old iPhone can be quite a mission unless you know about quickstart so with quickstart. all you need to do is place your old phone right next to your new phone and almost instantly this pop-up notification will appear asking you to set up your new phone once. 

Once you’ve clicked connect you’ll need to take a picture of the super unique pattern then enter in the password and some other details finally your transfer will begin. you just need to wait while they do their thing what is so cool about this quick start is absolutely everything from your old phone is transferred to your new phone. so,  that they look identical have the same apps the same settings, and even the same wallpaper. it doesn’t get easier than that now normally you would use something like a password or touch id to unlock your stuff. But,  did you know you can unlock your iPhone MacBook, and iMac with your apple watch?

So,  generally what happens when you want to open up or access one of your apple devices is you use a touch id or a password. it works I mean it’s not that time-consuming but with the apple watch the second you open up your MacBook your watch will unlock it for you and you don’t have to use your touch id or any password. there is also this cool safety feature built in where if your apple watch is too far away from your MacBook it will not unlock it to activate this feature just go to security privacy and toggle on use your apple watch to unlock another brilliant ecosystem feature that is calling on all devices.

so, when someone phones you not only will your apple watch ring. but, so will your iPad your iMac your MacBook, and even your iPhone so from there you can decide which one you want to take the call on and if you do decide to take it on your desktop. you still have access to the whole keypad as well as switching over to video mode this can get a little crazy because literally everything rings. when you get a phone call but hey at least you won’t miss the phone call to make sure this feature is toggled on you just need to head into settings click on phone, and right over here. you’ll see the option to toggle on and allow all calls on other devices now this is another super useful ecosystem feature and it’s air pods automatic switching let’s say.

If you’re watching something on your MacBook and receive a phone call automatically the audio will switch from your mac to your phone.  So,  you can take that call once you’re done you can carry on on your MacBook and the audio will switch back. you do just need to click that connect button but that is it the same goes for your iPad. if you want to start listening to music. it’ll almost instantly automatically switch over and from there you can start listening to your favorite Spotify tunes on top of all that you can also still use your apple watch separately and listen to music with your earpods this automatic switching with your earpods is honestly.

So,  cool and, amazingly, you don’t need to go into settings every time to switch over to different devices.  So, I have a couple of apple gift cards to give away to some of my lucky subscribers and with these, you can buy apps music movies games and all you have to do is try out some of these codes yeah so as. 

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