Top Best Chatbot Platforms To Develop Bots in 2022

Welcome to a most informative website keeping track of all the tools and tabs needed to run your business can be unproductive and overwhelming.

So, here we’ve reimagined the inbox with apps to bring everything you need into one place with our wide range of apps you can customize the inbox however you like add the tools and data you want to remove the ones you don’t, or rearrange them to work the way you do and don’t forget all of the intercom data you can now display in your inbox like seeing your customers journey with recent pageviews are the most recent actions in the product with key apps like Salesforce, mad kudu stripe, JIRA, and Trello now available in the inbox there’s no more switching between tabs are hunting for information.

Remember if you can’t find the app you’re looking for you can always build your own so create an inbox that works the way you do and add some apps.

Today octane is a bot concierge that your customers can talk to you over Facebook Messenger you can answer questions and it can sell octane ai has enabled us to talk to over 10,000 of our customers and grow our revenue online by about 14% we’ve seen a serious lift 17% increase in revenue for those who interacted with the Box increased our revenue by 7% I introduced stores using octal me I get way better engagement rates than they got over you to use it for the shopping cart.

Abandonment we see octane AI having a huge potential to be an extension of our customer experience without Kenny we can automatically answer a lot of those questions that almost every customer will have before they buy a bike adding Arcania to your store is like hiring a super selling customer service oriented bot that can talk to hundreds of thousands or even millions of people at the exact same time.

Messenger marketing and the conversational converse are really the way of the future you could never hire enough humans to talk to every single one of your customers a bot can and that’s exactly what octane e eyes do.

Welcome to chat you’ll let us show you some of the main basic features of our platform in the first screen you can change the welcome message that your BOTS users will see when they interact with the bots for the first time add images gifts or other media, as well as add buttons to help users progress down the blood flow buttons, can leave the user to other blocks within the bot float as well as web URLs.

You can add rich content like gallery cards with images descriptions videos and audio files to test your BOTS click on the button in the top right corner and test about saw that you’ve created in Facebook messenger to share your bot with your friends copy the link to the bot or to the boss landing page you can acquire new users from your Facebook page from your website or set up Facebook newsfeed ads use the broadcasting feature to set up targeted sequences as well as another type of re-engagement messages through your BOTS.

Flow EXO is a complete platform for building and managing chatbots that interact with people like an automated personal assistant via messaging platforms such as messenger slack and telegram it’s really easy to create BOTS and the best part is you don’t have to code anything in this lesson you’ll learn how to create a bot for messenger before you do you’ll need a Facebook app and a page if you don’t have either of those follow the links and set them up the page profile picture and name will be used to form the identity of your bot and is what people will see when they engage it in flowing so click BOTS in the top menu bar.

then choose a new bot now choose messenger as the platform type in a descriptive name for the button if you like you can fill out the welcome text box this is optional next you’ll need to copy and paste in your Facebook app ID and Facebook app secret sign in to Facebook developers to get these go to the dashboard of your app and you’ll see the ID and secret click the Facebook button this will only fetch the list of pages associated with your Facebook profile.

A list of Facebook pages should not show up choose the page that you want your bot to identify as now head back to Facebook developers and find your app under products click add product and finally select messenger and then under products click the messenger product you just added in the token generation section choose the Facebook page you selected in flow EXO copy the token that’s generated into the Facebook page access token field in flow Excel finally.

Click Next in your bot should now be connected in working you can test the box by clicking message us or by sharing this link what click get started and then run through the steps of setting up a new subscription now these automated commands that your bot responds to our cult flows which you can set up back in so once a bot is set up for messenger it’ll work across all supported platforms.

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Flow EXO is free to use and you don’t need any programming knowledge save time by automating your chats today.

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