Top Best Android Apps in 2022 [Review]

A lot of your apps have trackers within them and some even keep a log of your user activity it’s a bit concerning so I like to use warden because it lets me detect every tracker and logger across any of my apps trust me after I saw the results I was shocked apps you wouldn’t even think of having trackers like some offline games or wallpaper apps had the most trackers out of every app.

the best part is that if you have root warden lets you disable every tracker and logger on your phone if you use Spotify accu radio or tidal without purchasing a subscription then you know the pain of having to listen to those screaming advertisements well I say no more with add silence any ad within these three apps will be automatically muted when they are being played it’s simple and works perfectly for free and that’s just two of the 20 best android apps to get you started right for 2022.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited because every app in this blog is not sponsored and they barely have any downloads which means you’ll for sure pick at least one or two apps from this article and all I asked in return is that you.


Picture in Picture Mode

picture in picture mode is such a useful feature that we’ve all used before but it does have its limitations for example if you don’t have a youtube premium account and don’t live in us then you can’t open any youtube video in picture-in-picture you also can’t open a video that you saved or recorded from your camera in a floating window well with anything to pip you can it forces any youtube video or offline media into picture-in-picture mode.

even if you don’t live in the us or have a youtube premium account simply paste the youtube link within the app tap on the bottom right button and it’ll open it in a floating window I can also choose a picture or a video for my phone storage to do the same thing super spectacular and free to use almost every phone supports a system dark theme to save your battery and stop you from getting blinded at night all.

Dark Mode

that’s left though is the wallpaper especially if you don’t like using an old wallpaper I had a bad habit of this since I love colorful bright backgrounds so I turn to an app called dark mode live wallpaper which makes any current background turn even darker when I enable the system dark theme once I turn it off the wallpaper brightens up again pretty useful another option is I can instead use two different backgrounds one for when I use the system dark theme and another when I had the light theme enabled.

100 Watt fast Charger


have you ever wanted to sleep on the train bus or airplane but you were too scared of accidentally missing your next stop well an app called are we there yet alerts you when you’re in range of your destination you just tap on the place you’re going to within the map make the radius a bit bigger so that you can get notified a bit sooner before arriving and then save it now you can sleep in peace knowing that you’ll wake up on time before moving on a lot of phones nowadays don’t come with a charging brick which sucks because if you use a random one it may not fully take advantage of the phone’s fast charging speed and that’s been happening to me recently?

so I looked online and stumbled across your green 100 watts gan fast charger a speedy charger that supports 100 watts that’s an insane amount it’s even cheaper than most other selections out there I even asked you for green. What caught my attention about this charger is just how fast it could charge multiple devices simultaneously for example it charges an iPhone three times faster than if I use the ordinary apple charger my iPhone 13 can get charged in 30 minutes and I can fully charge a 16-inch MacBook pro in just under 2 hours surprisingly it even dissipates the heat and provides over current and over voltage protection it comes with four ports three that are USB-c and one that’s USB-a to let me charge up to four devices at the same time with incredible speeds for reference here is a chart of the speed with every port combination being used perfectly for charging my smartphone, laptop, smartwatch or any other tech without losing a hiccup.


The Spotify mobile app is missing one huge feature that the desktop version has and that’s the ability to see what your friends are listening to with Spotify you can finally get this feature on your phone and from there you can tap on a song that your friend is listening to so that you can too listen to that song all you need. To do is log into your Spotify for the app to work we’ve all been there where we stumbled across a youtube video that seemed interesting but just didn’t have the time to watch it until.

Nautica App

Later Nautica helps you never forget about those types of content because it’ll let you save them in the notification bar as links that way later on in the day you can tap on the video notifications and watch them when you’re less busy anyways android 12 supports these newly themed icons that match the colors of your wallpaper and even turn dark when you enable the system dark theme.

Light Slash Dark

I love how they look but the only problem is that as of now they only work on google apps every other app in my app drawer stays unthemed that’s until I stumbled across pix material u light slash dark which lets me theme practically every icon within my app drawer seriously it supports over 4 600 icons so practically every app will follow the color palette of my chosen background I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet every app will turn dark when you enable the system dark theme pretty incredible. the only string attached is that you need to be running android 12. the google pixels have always had some of the best live wallpapers I’ve ever seen on a smartphone and with doodle live wallpapers I can bring some of those same backgrounds to any other device, for example, it lets me use the entire doodle collection from the pixel 4 and it works amazingly.

each time I scroll left to right on the home screen I have buttery smooth animations and unlocking the phone looks very mesmerizing additionally there are some extra pixel 6-inspired backgrounds and some material u backgrounds I even love that each one can turn dark when you enable the system dark theme and that all of them are very customizable it’s free with no ads or in-app purchases so go spice up your home screen now if you’d prefer static wallpaper to conserve your battery smudges is my absolute favorite wallpaper out there.

Let’s call this one a bonus app these walls are gradient with 3d effects and I’m not usually into gradient wallpapers but these are too stunning to not use the third ones are the ones that I love the most something about them just brings the sense of relaxation whenever I turn on my screen plus since there’s not a whole lot going on in the background a lot of them fit perfectly with any widget I use now it does cost a dollar but I’ll be giving away 30 promo codes on my Twitter and Instagram in a few days.¬†

Buddies Aurora Store

buddies aurora store is an alternative app store that lets you step away from google’s ecosystem by letting you save any apps or update any existing ones without signing into your google account plus you can spoof your device language and region to get access to apps that are not yet available or are restricted in your country or for your device it’s super helpful the app’s interface is also extremely similar to the play stores so you’ll learn how to get around very quickly and it downloads any app just as fast as the play store does so if you don’t trust google, download the aurora store there are a lot of document scanners out there but a lot of them want you to pay and some even include a ton of trackers in them that’s why I turn a stack by Google.

because it lets me scan any number of documents for free and it stores them in an organized fashion on my phone making it easy to keep track of all my receipts bills and even important documents like my vaccination card I also enjoy that it finds critical details within a document like the total amount or the date plus I can search for any documents to find them quickly it’s the perfect option to get rid of any paper.

Time Jot

Clutter have you ever struggled to remember when the last time you got a haircut was or the last time you changed your nasty ass toothbrush or dusted your computer or anything else that occurred in your life well time jot helps you keep a timeline for those random things that you did simply create an event like a haircut and then create a category like self-care then within that event you can add an entry every time you get a haircut keeps it simple and I even love that you can get reminded to do certain events and that you can see your entries on a chart to get an idea of how often you did a certain task.

Water Resistance Tester

If you have a phone that’s older than two years and it came with water resistance I wouldn’t trust it anymore because over time that water seal could have torn and become damaged the only way to make sure your water seal is still intact without dropping it in a pool of water is by using an app called water resistance tester this uses your phone’s barometer to let you know if your phone is still water-resistant all you need to do is press down on the screen with two fingers and it’ll give you a checkmark saying that you’re good to go or it’ll give you an exclamation point which means keep me away from h2o.

Any Tracker

note-taking apps are such a dull and repetitive category that it’s hard to stand out from the competition yet one swipe notes have managed to do it by bringing something new to the table it lets you bring in a floating notepad whenever you swipe on the edge of the screen to let you jot down notes quickly so if you’re watching a youtube tutorial or reading an article and want to note something down without leaving the app one swipe notes lets you do just that it’s not going to replace any powerful note-taking app you may already have installed but it can still come in handy any tracker is the best way to keep an eye on any product price that you’d like to buy in the future for a lower price.

I mostly use it to keep track of a price tag on a website that doesn’t notify me about any price drops sites as eBay or a small business page it works beautifully plus I can keep track of a stock crypto steps I’ve taken calories I burned any social media numbers such as the number of followers I’ve gained or the total number of views I’ve gone in on my youtube channel and a lot more if there’s a number you can most likely track it quick tip if you’re a YouTuber you can also use any tracker’s widgets to keep an eye on your views and subscribers on your home screen.

Context App

The google pixel has this exclusive feature called screen call that lets you have google assistant answer any scam calls or ask a caller why they’re calling to see if it’s urgent no other phone out there has this feature but you can use an app called context to bring that same functionality to your non-pixel device you just need to decline the call and context will then ask the caller why they’re calling you can then follow along with the live transcript and decide whether you like to accept or to decline the call afterward it works perfectly.

Count Things From Photos

With most popular carriers out there and it’s free you need to stop counting things because it’s much easier to do so with an app called count things from photos it’s not always accurate but it does a good job at counting simple things within a photo you took things like the number of pills you have left any coins keycaps from a keyboard and even a ton of construction material like plywood sheets wood metal etc that’s just the tip of the iceberg this app can count so many things very quickly and I’m sure it’ll speed up the jobs of so many people who work in the medical field or construction.

Halfway App

Last but not least halfway is a super underrated app that makes it easier to find the middle point between you and another person who lives far away in another city just input your current location and the other person’s location and then it’ll find the closest place to your halfway point the best part is that you can specify what type of place you’d like to meet up at no matter if it’s at a gas station, shopping mall, restaurant or a golfing range you name it halfway will discover it in between the both of you anyways that concludes.

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