SOME CRAZY APPS – You Didn’t Know Existed [2022]

I have some crazy cool apps like this one if someone so much touches my phone. Its game over all these apps is available for free on both the app store and play store plus I will have links to them all down below.

Anti-Theft App

So for this one you’re gonna download an app called anti-theft. this is what it looks like and once it’s installed go ahead open up the application and the first thing you’re going to do is set up a pin so make sure this pin is something easy for you to remember.

you just have to re-enter your pin code to make sure. it’s the same and then what you can do now is anytime you want to leave your phone behind like say at a restaurant table or your office desk click that motion button and places your phone down. you can just walk away so now if someone just tries to touch picks up or even move my phone this super loud alarm will go off. 

it’ll catch them off guard and they won’t know what is going on this is so freaking cool because the volume button won’t even work. they can’t unlock your phone because they need a pin and you can just basically catch them out.

Calculator Lock

now, this next app is called calculator lock or calculator x on an iPhone. it looks like a totally normal calculator app right so go ahead and install this application. when you open it as you can imagine it works like a totally normal calculator. so,  you can make all your calculations like you normally would but this app is actually crazy.

because, if they see this app on someone else’s phone well then you know they have something sneaky to hide, and let me show you why this is the actual setup you go through. when you first open up the calculator app. you have to grant it access to all your files and put in a secret pin on the calculator pad which once again makes sure. you don’t forget this pin number because now what happens is when you go to this calculator app and put in your secret pin then click the equals button watch in amazement as this hidden space is revealed.

so, this application basically creates a hidden space within your phone and disguises it as a simple calculator application. you can then go ahead and grab pictures out of your main gallery place them in this hidden space and when you go back to your phone’s gallery you’ll see they’re not there so this app is actually one big illusion and if you ever see this app on someone else’s phone. then I dare you to ask them for their calculator spin and watch the expression on their face now.

Walkie Talkie

The next app is called walkie talkie and the same app is available on both android and iPhone once you’ve downloaded this app and opened it up right over here at the top you will see this public and private section.

If you switch to private and click the on the button you’re now on your own frequency and here. you can just push to talk to activate the walkie-talkie here’s where you can share your frequency with your friends or copy the link and this app is actually great for when you’re out shopping in a big crowd or even just at home so now anytime. I want to chat with my friends I just tap this button and chat away over eagle one you are a go are you playing flight simulator again no pretty cool now here’s another really cool thing.

LED Flash App

now I cannot believe our phones can actually do this just by downloading a simple application called led flash and strobe this is what it’s called on the app store for iPhone users but it is a slightly different app on the android store and that application is called mp3 strobe either way once you’ve downloaded the application go ahead and open it up run through the basic setup and then you will see other options on the application but then go ahead and click on this music icon so now check this out when i tap this button it turns my phone into a freaking strobe light this is such a nifty little application and perfect for parties.

Alarmi App

Now, this is the typical alarm app but I guarantee you that not only will it wake you up but you’ll also be wide awake the app I’m talking about is called alami and it is available on both the play store and app store once you’ve installed it on your phone go ahead open up the app and set yourself a new alarm so here I was just setting my alarm for 5 am.


nothing crazy choose the days you want your alarm to go off but here is where it gets really good if you click on the mission you’ll see a whole bunch of options and these are basically missions you have to complete in order to turn your alarm off so I went with three fairly normal memory games and click the save button okay now the setup is done this is what happens when your alarm goes off you slowly get up go for your phone click that dismisses button except.

The only way you can turn your alarm off is by memorizing these tiles it seems so simple but it’s actually really hard when you’re first waking up and if you get it wrong or lock your phone the alarm will keep going off i actually tried this app a couple of times and it’s really annoying because it works so damn well.

Forge Of Neon

The next one is so beautifully mesmerizing it’s called forge of neon and you’re gonna get stuck in this one so once you’ve downloaded and opened the app go ahead click that play button then choose a preset you like the most and now as you draw the screen look at this amazing design that appears if you click on the settings button you can then go and choose from a whole bunch of different colors.

draw again and create another design over the previous one you can just keep going and going with different colors different styles different patterns until you have the most amazing artwork and then what you can do from there is turn the artwork around rotate it turn it upside down side to side or even choose from any one of these six different spin patterns to watch your design go round and round oh man this just looks so so cool what’s even more epic is you can even save this design as a video or picture just by exporting it to your phone’s gallery. And I’m just saying when you play this game you can get stuck in these graphics for hours.

AR Looper

The next app is some of the best fun you will ever have on a smartphone it’s really cool the app is called AR looper and once again it is available on both android and iphone once you’ve downloaded the application and opened it up you will see a whole bunch of different categories to choose from there are topics like entertainment animals art and even dinosaurs in each category there are a million different options to choose from like these some of them are paid for but most of them are free but choose.

The one you want to see in ar then just do this motion with your hand while holding your phone and this is where it gets really amazing because now you’re in the full experience you can completely walk around the dinosaur while in your space and looked at every single detail it even makes sounds and is basically life-sized.

Chrome Remote Desktop

I don’t know what magic this is but what you do is go ahead and download an application called chrome remote desktop then you’re gonna search for the same thing on your computer and also install that and then start running through all the setup okay I’m not gonna lie there are a couple of steps involved but I promise you it’s gonna be worth it once you’ve done all that and your phone has successfully connected to your computer.

now what you can do is open the chrome remote desktop application from anywhere in the world and have complete access to your computer through your phone so this is me literally operating my laptop from my iPhone opening up files checking out system preferences and a whole bunch of other different things there is literally no limit as to what you can do on your computer to your phone. So, the fact that you can control your computer from anywhere in the world.

Remny App

The next one is like that crazy CSI magic except on your face this app is called remny and is also available on both android and iphone once you’ve downloaded it go ahead and open the application and here you’ll see you can start choosing pictures to enhance so I just chose this blurry one I took off mike and once it has processed the image you can use this little slider to compare the before and after not only that you can choose to enhance the picture even further and honestly I was super amazed at how well it did and here you can see just what I mean.

When we take a look at the close-up once you’re happy you can then go ahead and save this picture to your gallery once again here’s just a closer look at two pictures I tried out and I was super impressed so it must be using some kind of AI technology or something like that to put more details in on these blurry pictures and it’s actually really good a plus so.

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