Samsung Galaxy M53 Review: Should You Buy?

In-Depth Review Of Samsung Galaxy M53

The galaxy m52 is a good smartphone. so when the galaxy m53 arrived we started to get a lot of comments I know a lot of you guys are confused about the galaxy m53 so we decided to use this phone one thoroughly test it.

and this is our galaxy m53 review where we are going to tell you the real truth which honestly nobody is talking about trust me if you want to buy this phone you need to read this blog till the eGalaxylaxy M53 brings a few changes over the m52 the first change is its back design the back pattern is gone and you get a cleaner matte finish back whIch I honestly like.

but that’s it everything else is the same on the design front and that means it’s still a good phone in terms of weight the thickness the fingerprint scanner is still in the power button which in my usage was fine not the fastest scanI’vei’ve used but fine. also like the galaxy m52 there’s the dual sim plus micro sd hybrid slot the haptics are okay kind of on par with the other phones in this segment.

The cons of the galaxy m52 design are still here so this is all plastic the frame is plastic the back is plastic there’s no headphone jackIPo IP rating but more important,ntly this phone still does not have stereo speakers yes there’s one-speaker maker at the bottom and that’s it.

its speaker is good and fairly loud but no steel speaker setup is honestly disappointing in 2022 the display is also the same as the m52 so you already know the specs I’m I’m even with this being the same amateur panel as the m52 because it is a good display it just looks premium beat while casually using the phone or beat while watching movies or shows. it has great color reproduction wide wing angles and a very good high contrast ratio there’s an als120-hertz hertz refresh rate and UIe UI lolly good with the fast refresh rate on and it’s also decently bright for outdoor usage.

I like this display but one thing that’s missing is hdr support there is wide and even licensed so feel HD playback is there in apps lNetflixflix and prime video but you can see from the Netflixflix playback specification page there’s no hdr now the design and display are mostly the same from the galaxy m52 but the big changes come in the processor and the cameras I’m I’m not sure they’re good changes.

I say this because the m52 had the snapdragon 770 HD chipset while the m53 here has the dimension 900. don’t get me wrong the m6900lly is a good chipset whIch I have used in a lot of phones but the problem is it’s not an upgrade to the 778g hare are the benchmark scores from both the phones and you can see that the m52 the 778g performs better every single time so the dimension 900 in the galaxy m53 is kind of a downgrade from the 778g in the m52 but remember at the start I said tI’lli’ll be talking about something that nobody is talking about when I was talking about the throttling performance of the m53.

I’ve used a lot of density 900 phones be the redmi 9 plus or the Xiaomi 11i and the d900 did not throttle on those phones but on the m53 it really does here’s the basic 20 threads 15 minutes test and just look at the graph just to be clear the 753 is a retail unit so it’s not like this is a demo unit which has some problems this is the final retail unit also this test is with the phone’s performance set to balanced which is the default so this is very surprising as you can see end result was the phone throttling to 63 now this is not a one-time thing we did this tseveralr of times even compared it against the m52 and you can see that the m53 throttling issues are real it’s really strange now this throttling is not something that affected my day-to-day performance the phonelly a good performer there is no lag while opening closing apps multitasking or playing videos I did notice some lag in the reddit app but that maybe because of the mess that its app is the game performance is good to in all the games I tested there was no lag or stutter and I did not have any issues with long gaming hours there’s no weird heating too so the performancelly not bad.

but the throttling in CPU CPU throttling test app is kind of concern,ning in the long, run moving on to the cam is where the main camera is 108-megapixelixel sensor Samsungsung has downgraded the ultrawide camera frommegapixelsixel tmegapixelsixel also the macro camera is kind of a usel2-megapixelixel lens now honestly I would have liked it moreSamsungsung had added ois but it is what it is now the cab performance is a bit of a hit and miss in good lighting. I thought a though8-megapixel pixel camera does fairly well taking detailed shots that are sharp and crisp I also noticed good dynamic range now that is at times a bit over-saturationtion But I don’t think it’s an issue in low light however the camera performance is kindrakishkish some photos come out a little soft while some are sharp and good but sometimes there’s a lot of noise so yeah heat in daytime missing low light the wide-angle camera is also kind of okay.

she does not have the details But I like that the shots have good contrast and mostly good colors I also took some videos from the phone and they aren’t very stable the but quality wise they’re fine similar to m52’s camera performance so the camera performance here is fine but it’s not the best in this price range here are a few comparison shots versus the m52 and the real me pros pro plus and if you ask me there’s no bait in the real me nine plus in terms of the overall exposure beat in low light or daytime and what’s interesting is that the m53 and m52 photos are mostly similar it’s not a big difference at all the selfie ca,mera on the other, the hand seems good on the m53.

illy the same camera as the m52 But I noticed more accuracy in terms of exposure and sometimes better details the front camera also supports 4k video which is honestly great. here’s a 4k 30fps video from the galaxy m53s front camera to give you an idea about the camera quality and the mic that’ll good apart from the processor and the cameras the battery is the same 5000 mah on the m53 but like most recSamsungsung phones.

they have done the unthinkable they have removed the charger from the box yes I don’t like this move but I think this is how it’s going to be from now on it is the battery performance is decent too good I got a screen on time from five and a half hours six hours which I’d say is in a good category because generally, I started the day with the phone at 100 and the low battery message would pop up late at night as for charging in a world where 65 charges 120-watt charges are becoming kind of normal this supports slow 25-watt charging which takes one and a half hours to fully charge the phone.

anyway, the m53 has the latest software there’s one UI 4.1 on top of Android 12 when Samsung has promised three major updates and four years of security patches which is pretty good what’s not good though is the amount of bloatware this phone has is there are so many third-party apps and not just this there’s a widget by default on the home screen which is an ad the lock screen class feature is also an ad 7uf 4.1 is good and feature-rich but it can be a little cleaner also the m53 comes with Samsung pay mini while the m52 came with full-fledged Samsung pay and that’s because there’s no NFC on the m53 Samsung went ahead and just removed NFC I know very weird on the connectivity front.

the call quality is decent no problems there the phone has 125g bands wi-fi five dual-band support Bluetooth 5.2 there’s support for carrier aggregation you get all the important sensors except for parameter which is only present in flagship phones so it’s all fairly good anyway coming to the important questions is the galaxy m53 worth it at rupees 26 499 should you buy this phone the truth is the galaxy m53 is a flawed smartphone and I don’t think I can recommend this phone to anybody I mean the galaxy m53 is a downgrade to the galaxy m52 beat in terms of chipset or the camera or the fact that it removes things like the charger and NFC plus it does not bring any of the m52’s missing features with stereo speakers or ois and even though the performance seems good generally the throttling test results are not very promising.

if you want a Samsung phone the m52 makes more sense it’s available on amazon at lower price RPGs 23 triple nine other than that if you don’t want a Samsung phone there are other options too the real me nine pros plus has kind of a tacky design but it is a good all-around phone with great camera performance there’s also the new moto h30 which has the snapdragon 778g plus chipset with the stock android 12 combo and a nice compact design and things like steel speakers and an in-display fingerprint scanner.

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