BuzzSprout vs anchor- Which One Is Better?

BuzzSprout vs anchor

In this article, I’m going to compare encore with buzzsprout this article is going to have like few chapters.

Now the first thing I’m going to talk about is what is my actual recommendation for you to use then I’m going to compare pricing plans and then some advantages and disadvantages I personally see and then the last part is going to be like how should you promote your podcast to have more views more listeners and what are the ways how you can actually promote your podcast so I hope this blog will be helpful of course I’m not paid by encore or buzzsprout to say that the one is better compared to the other this is just my recommendation.

If you are starting out and if you don’t know if you like creating podcasts if you don’t know then okay that podcast is the way to go for me and you didn’t earn any money that you’re just literally starting out that you bought your first mic and you got no idea what to do you’re just like testing the waters encore is a wonderful option for you only because it’s completely for free and you don’t have to pay for anything yes it lacks something so with the encore the customer support is literally non-existent the quality of the audio is not that great I think you can have only 30-minute sessions with the encore and also with editing is a little bit clumsy and not that effective so that’s something you should definitely keep in mind.

Now analytics are limited so with anchor there are plenty of things that are not that great only because it’s completely for free and it’s only promoted by Spotify on the other hand when you know that you’re gonna be a pro you just know it that you want to go all in and being and that’s what I do is that like when I go to something I literally go with the best option only because that I like, I want to give the word to the world that okay that I’m in that I’m going for it that I’m going to succeed so I would use buzzsprout if you are already experienced or if you’re using already encore and you want to go to the higher league buzzsprout is the way to go the customer support is top notch then you can use charitable the analytics are much greater in buzzsprout comparing to anchor another thing really important are integrations you can connect bus sprout with literally everything with apple music.

So you can Have your podcast distributed to many platforms and this is how you can have a bigger reach so bus proud is amazing but there is this disadvantage that you have to actually pay money.

so you see right here that you get a free account but you get only episodes hosted for 90 days compared to simple pricing for 12 bucks a month or 18 bucks a month it depends how many hours you want to actually upload so you see that episode hosts indefinitely advanced stats ultimate unlimited storage unlimited team members so you can have as many people as you like working on your podcasts and you see it.

Right here for 18 bucks it’s like what two meals right and it’s like pretty good so if you know that you’re gonna grow big you know that you want to grow something meaningful long term buzzsprout is the way to go and I would go definitely this way so and why do I mention this I’m not paid by buzzsproud the cast the also the community is really great on Facebook like plenty of people are working with podcasts and also on their youtube channel you’re going to see plenty of information but there is this one thing that I always say that a person should have always planned a and they should just leave plan b but when you want to have a plan you want to be a tactician you want to behave strategy on your plan a and this is the same so let’s say that I would I have interest in some girl right and if I would say oh if it’s not going to work out with this girl I have another two of those as a plan B like what does it say about me right so if you want to build something you say okay I’m going to build it period it’s like nothing oh but if it doesn’t gonna work out I’m going to do no that’s like why would even person start but they have to really have a strategy like okay if someone wants to go all in and create let’s say online business they need to have an emergency fund that’s what I did so I knew that for the three years I have emergency fund for three years I knew that whatever happened I got it covered even when I don’t succeed for the next two years I got another year that I can use.

I succeeded after one year so I started living good money or earning good money and it went really well so this is what I definitely recommend buzzsprout is the way to go.

And now comes the question of how you can actually promote your podcast so there are multiple ways okay first ask yourself who is your target audience just write it down then where your target audience ask yourself the second question where they hang out on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, youtube so let’s say that you would create something on youtube what you could do is actually creating youtube videos and just like having highlights of podcasts of yours.

Let’s say I have a podcast about relationships and what I could actually do is to just cut the episode from the podcast and upload it on youtube if you want to go this way if you want to really know how to work with a youtube channel. let’s say that will be relationship and what is gas lightning and what I could do is actually upload the whole episode of 40 minutes let’s say if it’s audio only and then what I could do is to actually upload the highlights of it so this is a really good way how you can actually start getting more traffic and why is it good to use youtube only.

Because you’re gonna have search results and you have to pay any money so that’s really good and it’s something that I would definitely recommend for you to do now the first one is the second one that I would definitely recommend is like okay get collaborations so let’s say that someone is really like a huge huge person huge idol let’s say in your department you want to create podcasts in the field and you would invite him and they would share the podcast episode everywhere and it’s another way how we can actually make money and how we can earn a good living.

So this is something that I would recommend for you to do too is to come and write like invite people and then talk with them right and look at this is something they did too so this is a podcast episode actually this is something that you could do too they have it in the podcast so definitely recommend to go this way too now when you go to collaborations try to get them as many as possible.

I don’t know what is your topic that you want to create podcasting because like with Spotify and others the three the search is not that great you need to actually how it works you need to come to get the traffic this is your podcast what you can do is yes maybe get lucky by that uh apple is going to promote you all right but what you can do actually is you need to get the traffic to your podcast from youtube facebook tick tock it depends where are your people who are interested in it.

my recommendation would go with youtube and Facebook groups, Facebook groups are a really good way how you can promote podcasts too if you have some really good topic that

you would say hey guys I started creating podcasts about various topics if you’d be interested you can listen to it and then apple music Spotify etc would start actually promoting you right they will start promoting you and say they would you would be in the top charts so let’s say that I would be creating podcasts about relationships how to exercise better. Entrepreneurship it doesn’t really matter which co which way you actually go but this is something that you can actually do and that’s something I would recommend so then you need to first get the traffic to your podcast and then the platform would start promoting you and you need to test a lot but definitely ask yourself where is my comp where are my people where is my target audience where they hang out and then how what can I do to help them how can I how can my podcast solve something some problems.

let’s say or entertain them so let’s say you do education about intimacy in relationship I don’t know but there are many ways how we can actually do it so this is one way how I would recommend to do it now to summarize this whole article if you want to go big and if you want to create something long-term meaningful bass pro is ready to go with the customer service with the integrations with the analytics with the quality of the audio they are completely dominating anchor completely dominating and I would go that way definitely anchor on the other hand is completely free if you only test the waters because with the buzzsprout you have only episodes hosted for 90 days on a free account then you have to pay but it’s like still 12 bucks a month so that’s not that much with the anchor you don’t have customer service really bad because it’s free then integrations are not that like amazing comparing to buzz pro the quality of the audio is not that great only because it’s a like different audio quality compared to bus pro and they want to not then make it that big so they make it is small and the quality is not the greatest so that’s something you should definitely keep in mind and then again the last thing that I wrote here is let me show you yes the analytics are limited too so this is pretty much it.

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