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I’ve secretly turned to the dark side for about three months sneaking away iPhone 13 pro in my pocket. Here’s the thing some of you who’ve been reading the article for a while now using an iPhone isn’t my first rodeo it’s the fourth time now that I purchased one and I keep coming back to the bitten apple for a couple of reasons.

First is the build material apple just knows how to make the most premium-feeling phones out there and the iPhone 13 Pro is no exception to that rule now it may not have any fancy perks like a folding screen or a completely bezel-less display but for what it does pack apple still goes above and beyond.

for example, even though the 13 pro is a lot smaller than most android flagships out there somehow it still weighs more and that heavier weight gives it a much more premium feel while you’re holding it. Another example where apple goes above and beyond is by using a stainless steel frame instead of an aluminum one which is what most of its competitors use.

I’m also a sucker for flat displays especially since glass screen protectors are 10 times easier to install and they’re barely noticeable I know most people go for the max model but I’ve always been the one to choose the smaller pro variant because it’s cheaper easier to use with one hand and aside from a slight difference in battery capacity and charging speed. it’s the exact same phone line down to the processor and cameras but with all those positives on the design, there are still a few caveats that make my OCD levels yell for help things. like the stainless steel edges being extreme fingerprint magnets or the enormous protruding camera module on the back that likes to collect dust near the edges of the lenses and provides waffle when the phone is flat on its back,

the side buttons do have great placement but they are not as tactile or clicky as I like them to be and they are hard to find at times being that they’re so flat even though the boxy form factor brings a lot of nostalgia from back in the days with the iPhone 5.

I can’t help but notice that the sharp edges constantly push up against my fingertips making it a bit uncomfortable to hold for long periods and it also provides a good amount of friction making it harder for my hands to maneuver around the phone it’s not a huge deal though. I just prefer the curved edges that most android phones have for a more comfortable hold finally I know you were expecting another android fanboy complaining about that notch.

listen I don’t mind it being there especially since even when it wasn’t there on older iPhones the status bar was still pretty basic and lacked important information like notification icons plus at this point, I get that it’s an identity of the iPhone and some people have gone attached to it but deep down. I know the majority of you just want apple to pull the plug because it’s 20 22 about to jump into 2023 and notches are a thing of the past a solid replacement would be an under-display fingerprint sensor nonetheless apple’s apple and they don’t change much.

I’m just glad that they made the notch a bit smaller horizontally even though vertically it has gotten a bit bigger when trying to unlock the phone with face id for the most part it did a fantastic job at recognizing my face and unlocking it quickly even if my phone was an arm’s length away really up close or off to the side the only annoyance. I found was when I tried to unlock the phone with a mask on I mean it’s not possible there are times that I just start to miss that under-display fingerprint sensor that most android phones have another big underlying difference between an iPhone and an android is the software ios 15 is in a whole different ballpark from android 12 obviously.

I’ve already compared both software updates back in June and from that comparison, it’s not hard to see that there are a ton of unique ios features that android still doesn’t have and the same goes for android to ios some of my favorite exclusives from ios are just because the ios are better than android. include notification summary which lets you hide all of your unimportant notifications until the time comes to send them in a batch and lets you read all of them at once when you’re not busy gets rid of those unnecessary dings that make you lose your train of thought for no reason you can also drag and drop data across apps making the process of sharing a photo from one app to another a lot quicker.

iMessage is also all around better than google messages that’s no surprise but one new feature that stood out to me is that when you send multiple photos at once imessage will stack them on top of each other so that you don’t need to scroll through a giant exhausting list of photos plus it makes it easier to save them the weather app on ios 15 is also way better than the stock weather app on most androids and that’s because apple bought up the famous dark sky weather app.

another neat underrated ios feature is called hide my email which lets me generate a fake email address so that whenever I’m filling out an online form or signing up for a newsletter I don’t have to use my real email then any incoming emails that I receive from that newsletter that I signed up for will get forwarded to that fake inbox I created if I start receiving spam from them I can just burn that fake email address and stop them quickly. super creative and useful on top of that when you sign up for your service or newsletter you will need to provide them with personal information which they will store away in their servers forever even if you end up not even using their service in the future.

in my case, I discovered that over 500 companies are still storing my data which is really scary knowing the growing number of data breached today the average person’s data is stored with around 350 companies and this isn’t just your name or email address they can have your financial information home address phone number precise location passport the list goes on and on that’s why mine is such a valuable tool because it’ll let you know every company that has your personal information what type of information they’ve stored.

and an option to reclaim that data if you decide a company should no longer keep it mine helps me send out an official email requesting to delete any data that they have on me from my own inbox I’ve done it multiple times and it’s worked I can even keep track of every reclaim on their website lastly mine promises that they don’t collect or sell any of their user’s data and only use the bare minimum of data to compile my digital footprint without reading or storing my emails the best part is that mine is still free to use.

so take advantage now and own your personal data once again anyways back to the iPhone I still love using the basic exclusives like facetime which I’m glad that apple now lets Android users in on the fun through a link to use on the web browser but it’s still far behind from using the regular facetime app on android.

your camera quality looks terrible you also have to wait for your iPhone buddies to send you the link you can’t just call them first and you don’t get those extra effects like face filters or taking a screenshot from the person’s iPhone camera the shortcut app is also spectacular to create unique automation and it’s also really cool that a lot of them you can just download from a huge library of presets created by the community.

andrew does something similar within the google assistant app called routines but it’s not as powerful and there are barely any suggestions then you have Bixby routines which are pretty close but apple still has the leverage there to top it off many social media apps like TikTok or Snapchat provide way better the picture quality on the iPhone than on android and that’s because on iPhones those apps actually use the camera’s main sensor to take photos or videos on android the apps just screen capture the camera’s live video feed giving you a potato shot so yeah there’s a good amount of goodies that I wish I could keep on android but when we flip the script there’s also a ton of unfinished work on ios that android has had for years.

first off thanks to that gigantic notch on every newly released iPhone there’s no room for a battery percentage or notification icons so whenever I want to see what notifications I’ve received I can’t just glance at the top of my phone like on android instead I need to constantly drop down the notification bar another thing there’s no always-on display so I can only check the time or incoming notifications by turning on the screen plus when I do receive a notification the entire screen needs to turn on just to let me know that it arrived super annoying especially at night because it brightens up the whole room.

ios also like expandable screenshots and a gaming mode split screen for using two apps at once pads can do this but not iPhones and I can’t even change storage app defaults like I can on android things like the phone app messages browser launcher etc that’s just the tip of the iceberg there are plenty more android features that I missed using a lot of them having to do with customization there are workarounds to changing the entire look of the phone’s launcher that doesn’t require jailbreaking but the process is extremely tedious and time-consuming.

much more extreme than that of android all in all I enjoyed my time with ios and i appreciated a lot of the unique features that came with it it’s a pleasant interface to use and it’s very straightforward that even a toddler can learn to use it but of course, with that simplicity for guys like me who like to change things up constantly the interface got boring real quick plus it didn’t help that ios 15 wasn’t that much different from its previous version if we compare it to android 12 that software update changed a hundred times more drastically it’s more exciting and fun to use than the android 11 especially.

with the new material, your design language, and whenever I used the pixel phone I would receive those random feature drop updates that brought about a ton more awesome unique changes and tools that made the software experience a tiny bit better. those random updates felt like Christmas each time it arrived and that’s why I still choose to use android over ios but I’m still hoping that android picks up a few tips from ios as they have in the past with privacy dots and the gesture navigation.

especially when it comes to software updates as well in terms of performance this phone is the fastest phone I’ve ever used period it’s even slightly faster than the galaxy s21 ultra and googles pixel 6 pro there’s just something about apple software that makes scrolling and navigating through the interface buttery smooth of course it feels even faster now since it finally supports 120 hertz but I’m not gonna lie even before it when it didn’t support the promotion and only carried a 60hz panel it still felt as smooth as an android with a higher refresh rate it’s really about the combination of an excellent touch latency and a well-developed UI that makes for a buttery smooth experience because on other cluttered software like one UI a 60-hertz refresh rate is much more noticeable overall a massive round of applause to apple on the performance.

I also had a good time shooting photos with the iPhone 13 pro the quality really impressed me, especially at night but honestly, that’s no surprise I mean just look at the size of that camera module it’s huge if that thing ever provided mid-range shots I’d be furious probably check my phone across the room no I’m just kidding but seriously it takes up so much space on the back and my index finger practically lives on that ultrawide lens whenever I use the phone.

now I get why those lenses are so big though it’s really just to improve low light photography and it’s definitely helped daylight shots are still really spectacular and do a fantastic job of capturing anything that’s in front of you as naturally as possible the results aren’t that much different from its previous predecessors in good lighting there’s hardly any difference between pictures taken on the iPhone 13 pro and a three-year-old iPhone like the 10s nighttime shots are where the real changes occurred the rear sensors have no problems exposing a dark region and barely providing any image noise it may not be as detailed as the pixel 6 pros.

since it doesn’t carry as high of a megapixel count but it did do a much better job at making dark environments look naturally dark instead of just brightening everything up trying to make it look like its daytime video recordings were also fantastic on this phone it can shoot up to 4k with 60fps and with that no matter the lighting colors always look fantastic stabilization was on point and you get the extra addition of prores the camera app also came with a new video mode called cinematic which honestly made my video recordings look a bit better when recording a subject and used a ton of bokeh to focus on the subject and also did slower focus pulling to make the shot look like something out of a movie.

it’s really neat but it definitely needs some improvement because sometimes it randomly defocuses on areas and the outlines of a person aren’t always as smooth as I like them to be either way those are just minor nitpicks video recordings in general on the iPhone where one of the best that I’ve ever seen on a smartphone yet overall the cameras on the iPhone did provide the complete package, especially with the trio lenses you’ll be able to capture anything that’s in front of you really well no matter how big or small it is and no matter if it’s bright or dark out but it did fall a bit short in terms of camera features.

for example, I was disappointed to find that it still didn’t come with a pro mode even though the phone literally has the word pro in the name if we take a look at android competitors like the pixel or Samsung devices both of those have cool camera features that take your shots to a new level things like action pan or long exposure on the pixel 6 to better capture moving objects plus with magic eraser I can easily remove unwanted things or people within a picture for the galaxy you have portrait video mode which lets you add some cool effects to a background of a subject or even the fact that you can capture the front and back cameras simultaneously.

iPhone on the other hand don’t really pack themselves with a tremendous amount of unique camera features as of now they’ve only included cinematic mode and a neat photographic styles tool that lets you change the colors and warmth of your shots before you even take them but that’s about it so if you like simplicity stick with an iPhone but if you like something more fun and exciting to use look towards the Samsung or google device.

the battery was not as impressive as I thought it would be obvious results may vary and if you get the max model you may see better results but for me, I’d usually get around five to six hours of screen time that’s not bad but that’s about average nowadays and I’ve definitely seen better the phone could easily last me through the entire day with moderate use of social media entertainment and messaging usually it’ll end me around 15 to 20 percent but if we turn up the notch and start playing games for a few hours then going down a giant rabbit hole with tick-tock or even just using maps for a long drive get ready to pull out that charger.

and that same charger still doesn’t support USB-c and only charges at a rate of 23 watts bruh it’s super annoying because sometimes I have places that I need to be and this phone likes to take its sweet time just to charge halfway a legit takes around an hour and 45 minutes to completely juice up this phone from zero to a hundred percent that’s insane especially since there are phones out there like the one plus 9 pro that really charge up completely at twice that speed so let’s wrap it up a thousand dollars is the iPhone 13 pro worth it.

honestly, I think it is if you’re coming from a two-year-old phone because aside from the mediocre battery life and charging speed this phone is the complete package and you will notice a decent difference you can even choose to get the max model over this one and the battery life may improve a bit but if you’re coming from the iPhone 12 pro just look the other way because this thing will give you an extremely similar experience making you wonder why you dropped so much money for a phone that you basically already owned for a recap the only real changes that I’ve noticed in my day-to-day use are improvements made to the cameras for nighttime shooting the high refresh rate.

even though it’s barely noticeable since the previous iPhone already felt extremely smooth and it has a new color honestly those are the most noticeable changes that I saw in the iPhone 13 pro and I know apple changed a lot more like providing a slightly brighter screen a slightly better CPU etc but honestly those three things that I mentioned earlier are the only changes that I really noticed from upgrading to this phone am I going to switch back to an android hell, yeah I mean even though this phone has a lot of spectacular features and it’s the fastest phone that I’ve used yet the interface is still not giving me that same satisfaction of freedom that I get with an android.

when it comes to customization I prefer the adaptive color theming UI that allows me to change the launcher and install apps that allow me to improve the software in unimaginable ways so that’s where I stand with the iPhone 13 pro I hope this helps you with any of your purchasing decisions.

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