7 Best Cool Android Apps Of 2022

the best new apps can be a little tough to find with new apps used every single day but don’t worry today I’m going to tell you the absolute coolest new android apps of 2022 and yeah these apps have launched in 2022.

1. Pallete Home Screen Setups

If you want to set up your home screen the same way right enter palette home screen setups see this app is a desktop for people who want a beautiful home screen you can swipe through all the cool home screen setups here and you can sort them by latest, oldest, or most viewed and you can also see setups based on different categories like AMOLED, minimal, etc.

I like this minimum home screen setup so I can just tap on it and I can see all the information below I need a nova launcher the minimal new icon pack and the kwgt base pack now what’s cool is that you can tap on these to go to the play store directly and just get downloading plus there’s also the nova launcher backup file for easy setup and I can just tap on wallpaper to download it right away this is pretty easy and this is something you like.

2. Notification Light

physical notification LEDs are kind of dead right now but notification light is an app that brings a notification led sort of to your modern-day smartphone it puts a notification led to the punch hole camera on your phone.

this is how it looks like when your phone gets a notification pretty cool right plus I love how customizable this is you can change the color of the slide you can set specific colors for specific contacts and apps you can change the animation you can choose between pulse rotate or gravity in the free version there are a lot more options and I like the fact that this works with the always-on display feature almost every smartphone so it’s not draining too much battery don’t worry.

3. Dittoed

Sometimes you want to take a before and after photo of maybe your fitness transformation or maybe a house innovation or maybe you want to take a photo in the same pose as one of your previous photos.

Dittoed is an app that is to do exactly that, in this app you can select a photo from the gallery and Dittoed will put it as an overlay in the camera viewfinder like this you can increase or decrease the capacity of the overlay, and then you can align things and take the same photo once again.

this is handy right now the cool thing is the app also has some interesting templates to put as an overlay and then take a photo just like the template.

4. Edge Card Launcher

A lot of android users have this sidebar feature that lets you access the apps quickly from the home screen well edge card launcher is that but on steroids, the edge card launcher can be accessed by swiping up on the left edge or the right edge and this brings several quick options.

in one go there are obviously the apps but there are also music controls here the battery percentage the volume panel and there are these shortcuts to the notification shade auto rotate etc you also get the second page with contacts on it plus I like that you can pick and choose the apps you want to see here and even the contacts now most of the features here are free but if you want things like unlimited apps gestures from both the sides you will have to get the pro version.

5. Widget Share

widget share is the next cool new app on the list and this lets you have the same widget on your phone your friend’s phone and your family member’s phone anyone.

and it’s pretty cool let me tell you so here I have set a photo as a widget on my home screen as well as the home screen on another phone now I can change the photo in the widget and the photo on the other phone will also change like this is awesome.

I mean it does not happen instantaneously as the developers claim but it’s still pretty good any way you can select a photo from the gallery or take a photo from the app and you can even doodle or write things on the photo to make a nice sweet widget that is maybe shared across your family.

6. Capod App

AirPods don’t play well with android smartphones but if for some reason you have an android phone and you have AirPods you need the Capod app this is a pretty simple app but it brings a lot of AirPods features on android first it shows you the battery details of both the earbuds and the case.

it also detects if an earbud is in the ear or not plus there are these super handy options you can turn on autoplay and auto-pause to make sure the audio playback is controlled automatically there’s also auto connect in case you’re having issues connecting the AirPods to your android smartphone.

lastly, the app brings a pop-up similar to iPhones to show you the battery status of the AirPods now this did not work for me but it’s smart as experimental so maybe it’ll work in the future any way you do get this notification to see the battery details of your AirPods.

7. Dina App

We’ve all seen a lot of cool weather apps in the past but let me tell you the data it is the coolest weather app ever so Dina shows you the weather details like any other weather app but what’s cool about this app is that it tells you what you should wear depending on the weather forecast.

it also tells you if you need to take an umbrella or sunscreen once you head out you just need to add these details here like skin type your height weight and it will show you what you should wear like this plus as you can see it’s also telling me to get a sunscreen because I will experience sunburn.


So these are some coolest apps of 2022, which are developed in 2022. Download these apps on your smartphone and enjoy.


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