10 Free Softwares That are actually Great! In 2022

If you’re looking for free software for your computer then you are on the right page, Here we’ll show you 10 free software that is actually great and we’re starting right now pretending to show you we’ll be going through these at a quicker pace.

Tor Browser

first up is the tor browser while there are browsers that do a good job of protecting your privacy like brave and others the tor browser goes a few steps further to give you the maximum privacy and security while browsing the internet using more than 6 000 tor relays this open source browser encrypts your web traffic within the tor network to help keep you anonymous while you’re online

the trade-off to all this privacy protection is that your browsing will be slower in addition it blocks third-party trackers and removes privacy-sensitive data such as cookies and browsing history it also lets you access the dark web which is a collective of sites not indexed by mainstream search engines when you first launch the tour browser you’ll get the screen to connect to tor check the box next to always connect automatically to bypass the screen in the future then click on connect to browse anonymously tor browser is available for windows mac os and Linux they also have a mobile app available for android.


Inkscape is a fantastic free and open source alternative to adobe illustrator this vector graphics editor is feature-packed to create scalable icons illustrations and logos there’s a huge assortment of tools for object creation and manipulation you can edit and create compliant SVG formatted files and allows for exporting into other formats including png the user layout is not too difficult to figure out most of the primary tools are located along the left with a color bar at the bottom of the window.

when getting started there is a high learning curve so it’s best to check out their tutorials before diving in also their forum is a great place to get answers to your questions from their community Inkscape is available for windows Linux and mac os.

Adam Oper Source Software

when searching for files and folders in windows the experience is atrocious and an outright embarrassment for Microsoft everything is an open source program for windows only that makes the experience a whole lot better in fact it should be built into all windows operating systems it’s light on system resources and easy to use with the program opened it lists every file and folder on your computer when you start typing in the search box limits what is displayed help you find what you’re looking for quickly if you use windows everything is a must-have program if you’re a computer programmer adam is an open source text and source code editor you might want to check out it includes support for plugins written in node.js and embedded git control when working on a team project adam’s teletype feature lets you collaborate in real-time with others speeding up the workflow with excellent cross-platform.

support windows mac os and Linux includes thousands of themes and packages to customize how you want it has a user-friendly layout and shares many similarities with visual studio code but unlike visual studio code and most of its competitors it’s truly 100 free and open source.

OBS Studio

Next, up obs studio, is a free and open source screen recorder that’s great for recording instructional videos video game footage, or anything else on your monitor it’s also popular for streaming video games to twitch youtube, and other services there are no forced watermarks or time limits and you can have an unlimited number of scenes just be aware that on computers with low system specs you may encounter lag here’s what the user interface looks like some people are troubled with the infinity effect if it bothers you just minimize it once you start recording.

there’s a slight learning curve to get it set up our beginner’s guide will walk you through the process. obs studio is available for windows mac os and Linux.


Blender is an open-source graphics toolset that’s been used to create animated films 3d printed models visual effects video games and so much more some of its features include 3d modeling sculpting tools rigging and skinning and also includes a built-in video editor for most people at first they’ll find the user interface to be overwhelming and of all those in this words blender does have the highest learning curve thankfully they do have useful tutorials on their site to help get you started blender is available for windows mac os and Linux.

Photo sketcher

Photo sketcher is a cool program that will take your photos and easily turn them into artwork with over 20 different styles you can add something as minimalistic as a pencil sketch up to an oil painting and a whole lot more after importing your photo into the program click the paint icon here at the top click the drop-down for drawing style then select the style that you want I’ll go down to painting effects and select painting 6 oil painting I’ll leave these other parameters alone for now when you’re ready click on draw depending on what you choose it can take a while for it to finish and when it’s done you’ll see the final result here on the right photo sketcher is fully available for windows there’s an experimental version in development for mac os and Linux. Users can run it using wine this will be a quick one.

media player classic black edition

media player classic black edition for windows only is a fork of the original media player classic it’s free and open source light on system resources and is great for those of you that have issues with VLC media player pot player with its sketchy past or don’t like the built-in media player in windows, unlike the original media player classic that discontinued development years ago the black edition is still updated on a regular basis it’s easy to use with all the controls located here at the bottom.


There are many BitTorrent clients available qubit torrent is the only one that I recommend using it’s free and open source and unlike many alternatives like Utorrent it’s lightweight on system resources there are no ads and you don’t have to pay extra for add-ons while torrents have a bad reputation for the downloading of unauthorized content there are many legal reasons to use it as well a couple of examples sharing free software with others and being able to share large files you already own fast and reliably the user interface is similar to others your uploads and downloads will appear.

here in the primary window if you ever experience internet issues when uploading or downloading tying up the bandwidth in your home you can adjust the speeds by going to tools here at the top and selecting options in the left pane select speed then adjust the speeds for your uploads and downloads and global rate limits in addition in the BitTorrent tab, you can limit the number of maximum active downloads and uploads or the overall number of active torrents, they do have an active forum if you ever need help getting answers to your questions qubit torrent is available for windows mac os and Linux.


CPU-z for windows only is a great way to find out information about the hardware on your computer, it’s a system profiling and monitoring program that detects the CPU, GPU motherboard chipset ram and other hardware with the program open there are tabs for CPU main board memory spd which stands for serial presence detect just gives you additional information about your memory and graphics in the bench tab you can benchmark your CPU or run a stress test all of this information is useful when wanting to upgrade components on your pc or when deciding if you should upgrade CPU-z is available in both classic and custom versions for most people you’ll want to download and install the classic version otherwise select the customized version for your pc here on the right here’s a bonus pick while windows have added a package manager to its operating system it’s still subpar when compared to those found on the various Linux distros.


If you want to install and update multiple programs at once nine nights is what I recommend to simplify the process here’s how to use it scroll down to pick the apps you want you’ll see some that we’ve recommended over the years choose the ones you want those mentioned in this article include qubit torrent blender and Inkscape after making your picks click on get your nine night then save it to your computer after you’ve downloaded the file double click on it to install all the software you selected since I already have these programs I won’t be doing this at a later date to check for and update these programs just come back to this file and run it again. 

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